About Us

Welcome To StudentPlace

We created this website just for students in order to help provide the necessary resources and materials needed for their success. We provide a safe place for students to go and find the resources needed to tackle any tasks that they may face. Community service hours, student lead tutoring, scholarships, resumes, and jobs are all key aspects and resources we provide that will help guide our students on the right path! We do this to save them our students the stress, hassle, and energy putting everything they need under one platform. We also have an excellent support team of college students who have been in the shoes of highschool students and can offer help whenever needed!

Meet the
StudentPlace team

The Studentplace team is composed of High School graduates that currently attend UF, FAU, and Georgia Tech. We have gone through the process of applications, looking for jobs, taking exams, getting volunteer hours and are here to help our users on their path to success whether it be through our tutoring services, contact forms, or site services!

Our Purpose

Our purpose, as a whole, is to help guide students in our community to a bigger and better future starting with the resources we provide on our platform. Additionally, we look forward to connecting our students to their communities one step at a time by helping aid their efforts in volunteering and working in their local communities. Through our efforts, we look forward to increased participation in our local communities and, through the help of our users, we help raise money to donate to local charities, as well, in the effort of helping grow and improve our communities in any way we can.